Assembly & Contract Manufacturing Division

We develop assembly process, fixture and test equipment and seek customer approval before implementation. For unique process and testing, equipment can be consigned or built according to customer's drawing in Asia as cost effective replication. All tooling, equipment and measurement systems will be qualified according to process capability and R&R study prior to release for production.


Precision Machining & CNC Turning Division

Our CNC Milling Center is equipped with various types of machines suitable for high productivity, high power and high accuracy application. Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) are developed for certain operations in high-volume production as a cost down initiative. Flexible manufacturing line with robotic pick and place for part handling and transfer can be configured to produce multiple parts with high throughput coupled with visual inspection system.


Our CNC Turning Center is equipment with state-of-the-art machines capable of:

  • Cross-milling accuracy of 5 µm

  • Roundness accuracy of 0.2 µm with diaphragam-chuck

Turning Operation & Machining Floor