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About Our company...

We are based in Penang, Malaysia, home to many global manufacturing companies. Penang has a stable and secured social-political environment, a well-developed infrastructure including an advanced communication network, modern transportation facilities and an educated, English-speaking and highly trainable workforce. The manufacturing sector is well supported by a wide range of local ancillary and supporting industries of international standards.

Over the last few years, ACM has developed manufacturing partnerships with some of the world's leading OEMs in the Computer Peripherals (Data Storage, Network Printer), Imaging Display, Health Imaging, Fiber Optics & Broadband Telecommunication and Industrial Equipment. Presently, it exports to USA, EU, Singapore, Philippines, China, Taiwan and Japan directly or indirectly.
The company seeks market opportunities in Precision Machining, Electromechanical Assembly and Brush-less DC Motor manufacturing with or without design required. The company also seeks co-operations in technical licensing, sub-contracting, contract manufacturing with global OEMs or Product Design Companies.

2006 Jalan Jelawat,
Seberang Jaya Industrial Estate,
13700 Prai, Penang,
General Line : + 604 2912 888
General Fax : + 604 2912 999

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